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7 Basic Rules for An Effective Sign

The essence of good design impact, message comprehension and retention is artistic simplicity. There are seven basic rules when designing an effective sign:

1. Good signs must grab the mobile viewer's attention and communicate quickly. You
    have only about five seconds to get your message over.

2. Strong product identification. Make your company logo or product the 'hero' of
    your sign. It should be the dominant element of your sign.

3. Simple message. Keep your message as simple as possible with a short copy line.

4. Short words are best to aid impact and retention of your sign's message.

5. Strong graphics provide the impact necessary for an effective sign. Graphics
    must be relevant to the message without dominating your product identification.

6. Bright colours will effectively provide impact to grab your reader's attention.

7. Make your sign legible. Careful attention should be taken at the design stage to
    create a sign that communicates your message very clearly.



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